How can I become a member?

Why someone should become a member of PEN?


Greek PEN is addressing everyone and is open to everyone: writers, poets, playwrights, children’s and teenage literary writers, literary theorists and critics, screenwriters, essay writers, historiographers, journalists, translators, editors, editors, editors, editors, editors creators of comics and graphic novels, publishers, and other contributors to print or online magazines — and, more generally, to anyone who has a professional or organic connection to the book and writing space communication.

-At the same time, it is aimed at every literate and artistic person, every person who is interested in spreading literature, books, ideas, art, science and culture.

It is aimed at anyone interested in protecting the right to freedom of expression and the free movement of ideas, who opposes any attempt to restrict or abolish this right, as well as any attempt to exclude persons or groups from access to the valuable good of knowledge.

-PEN members are involved in a diverse international community of creators, professionals and, in general, people who work one way or another in the fields of literature, intellect, science, and the arts and culture as a whole.

-PEN members have the opportunity to be informed in a structured way about actions (translation programs, participation in collective works, literary festivals, residencies, awards, etc.) in which they can participate to promote the their work.

-PEN members have the opportunity to reach out to people and institutions from around the world who are active in promoting literature, written communication, literacy, freedom of movement of texts and ideas, and to participate or support variously these activities.

Why do I need to pay to become a PEN member?

 The financial contribution is a contractual obligation for all PEN members internationally, given that part of this financial membership is paid to PEN International.


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