Alexandros Valkanas was born in Melbourne, Australia and grew up in Athens, Greece, where he completed his basic studies. He graduated from the University of Greek  Philology of Crete, he majored in Modern Greek Literature. His short stories and prose poems have been published in literary journals in print and electronic form, while his plays and theatrical work have been performed in various theaters and music venues in Athens. His plays have received 1st Prize: “The Box” (2018), and praise: “An Almost True Story” (2017) in the Theatrical Project Competition organized by the Greek Scriptwriter Association. In 2018, his lyrics featured in Turkish artist’s Fide Köksal album “Meşk”, a music composition by Ara Dinkjian (DMC Records). In addition, his involvement with the Vocal Art brought him into contact with different styles and genres, such as Greek traditional music and musicalized poetry, as well as world-ethnic music. As a performer he participated in the album (EP) “The Garden that Ebbled and Perished” in 2016, with poetry written by Napoleon Lapathiotis and music composed by Anastazios. He lives and works in Athens.

Books published: a. The Box (play), by Ekdoseis Senariografon Ellados, 2019  b. The Divination Machine (short stories), by Vakxikon publications, 2022.