Anastasia Ioakimidou was born in Greece where she lives. She studied for a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development at Hellenic College-Holy Cross, Greek Orthodox School of Theology in Boston Massachusetts in the U.S.A (2000). Later she studied for a Master’s degree in Psychotherapy and Society at Goldsmiths College, University of London in England(2003). She has a Specialty degree in Special needs in Education from University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki, Greece(2008). Moreover, she has finished a writer’s workshop by “Alati” publications in Greece(2021). Her first published book is a children’s bilingual book in Greek and English “Το μαγικό δάσος-Magical forest” by Kefalos publications in Greece, (2021 edition). It is written in the poetic form of Haikus. She has participation in many books published in Greece (2021) such as “Let’s talk for poetics” by Alati publications (2021), “The Haikus for Spring” by Anemologio publications (2021), “Anthology of Haikus for Spring” by Spiritual Horizons of Limassol, Cyprus(2021), “26 writers write in Pnoes of Literature” by Pnoes publications (2021),”Anthology of I’ Global poetic contest” by Hellenic Amfiktionia (2021), and three more books under issue by Alati publications. She participates in the book “39 exceptional poems 23 exceptional prose” by Koralli publications in Greece (2021), after a panhellenic competition where her poem was one in it. Her work also appears on 9th and 10th issue of Kefalos literature magazine in Greece and the 2021 literature calendar of Kefalos publications. She works at the public sector in Greece.