She was awarded the Hellenic Society of Literary Translators’ Prize for adapting a selection of Kiki Dimoula’s poems from Greek into Romanian, which was published in a bilingual edition under the title “Epoché / Εποχή” (Epoch, UER Press, Bucharest, 2016). With her publications in various literary magazines in both countries she builds bridges between the two great subjected to torment cultures (Romanian and Greek, between which she moves as a translator). She has also translated and coordinated, in collaboration with Stavros Deligiorgis, the bilingual edition of the collective volume Șapte Schițe de I. L. Caragiale / Επτά σκίτσα του I. L. Καρατζιάλε (Seven Sketches by I. L. Caragiale, Allotropo Publications, Athens, 2012), the also collective Μεσογειακές Περιπλανήσεις (Mediterranean Wanderings) by Panait Istrati, and three books by Thanassis Valtinos from Greek into Romanian, namely Anaplu / Ανάπλους, (Anaplous (Upstream), Tractus Arte, 2014), Urgentă nevoie de un(t)delemn / Επείγουσα ανάγκη ελαίου (In Urgent Need of Oil), UER Press, 2018), and Proză lirică / Λυρική Πρόζα (Lyrical Prose), UER Press, 2017); Bratsou and Deligiorgis further collaborated in publishing poetry books by Greek poets Haris Vlavianos Η αρχιτεκτονική του Πάθους / Arhitectura Pasiunilor (The Architecture of Passion), Rawex Coms, 2017), Liana Sakelliou Ἀλχημεία κυττάρων σὲ ἀτελιὲ ζωγραφικῆς : Alchimie celulară într-un atelier de pictură, 2021 (Cellular alchemy in a painting workshop) and Kostas Koutsourelis Aer August / Αέρας Άυγουστος (August Air), 2019) translated from Greek into Romanian. The Anthology of Young Romanian Poets (Ανθολογία Νέων Ρουμάνων Ποιητών/Antologia Tinerilor Poeți Români) is due to the same collaboration, 2019. She translated into Greek an Anthology of Young Moldovan Poets (Ανθολογία Νέων Μολδαβών Ποιητών / Antologia Tinerilor Poeți Moldoveni, 2021). Her translations from Romanian into Greek include the Bogdan Teodorescu’s novel Types almost ok(Τύποι σχεδόν εντάξει, 2020), Peter Sragher’s anthology, ακρoπόλεις άνοδοι/ akropolis urcarea, 2019, the novel Τα Ολύμπια του Ευαγγέλη Ζάππα (The Olympics of Evangelos Zappas) by Horia Alexandrescu (UER Press, Bucureşti, 2018), “Alexandru Lăpuşneanul” (The Story of Alexandru Lăpuşneanu) by Costache Negruzzi (National Museum of Romanian Literature, Iaşi, 2016), the novel Αγίου Ανδρέου Στέφανος (Stephan of Saint Andrew’s- Noaptea Sfântului Andrei) by Ion Vicol and Σπαράγματα

Ψηφίδες σοφίας (Fragmentarium) by Valeriu Butulescu. Her other translations from Greek to Romanian include works such as Am Dreptul / Έχω δικαίωμα (I Have a Right) and Motiv de divorț / Αιτία διαζυγίου (Grounds for Divorce) by Kostas Asimakopoulos, by of Iosif Ventoura, Dimitra Kotoula, Chrysoula Agyranopoulou, Aristea Papalexandrou, Anna Griva, Giorgos Blanas, Titos Patrikios, Katerina Angelaki-Rook etc

• Member of the Writers’ Union of Romania – Department of Literary Translation Bucharest.

• Member of the Association of Literary Translators of Romania ARTLIT, (CEATL Member)