Anna Ro was born in 1962 in Peristeri, Attica. She has studied Business Administration & Organization and has been working for a number of years in a commercial enterprise on the island of Crete. Her relationship with “pencil and paper” has been continuous since her childhood. She has attempted almost all literary genres – plays, poetry, prose – and was fortunate to share her writing pursuits with Vasilis Vasilikos, Vasilis Katsikonouris, Giorgos Blanas and Tsimaras Tzanatos. In addition to writing, she contributes to online journals, and in 2022 she realized a long-held idea for an open peer-to-peer interaction site by founding the Simiomatario, (Notebook). Texts, reviews and interviews that have been edited are hosted in the magazines Maxmag, Fractal, Semiomatario, etc., as well as on her personal website:

From time to time she has been involved in the theater as a member of theater groups, from where she has gained that all the arts are conceived in theatre.

Her first publishing proposal was accepted by Livani Publications and is published under the title: “Rousio Don`t forget me”.