Antigoni Katsadima was born in Volos, Greece and lived in Aspra Spitia of Viotia until the age of 18. Her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication & Media Studies, at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, -dpt. Mass Media and Communication- was followed by a master’s degree in Political Communication & new technologies, with a bursary from IKY foundation, at the same faculty and University. Reviews, interviews, essay articles, translations and poems of hers have been published in various literature reviews such as “Anti”, “New Synteleia”, Diavazo, ‘‘Poetix’’, ‘‘(De)kata’’, “Entefktirio”, “Eneken”, “La Bolsa de Pipas”, “Hablando con letras”, “Le Miau noir”, “Blasting”, Avgi and Axia news newspapers. Among her writing distinctions, she was selected for The House of Parliament of Teenagers, as Member of the 2nd session -1996-97 held in Athens-. She represented Greece at the 14th Biennale of Young European and Mediterranean Artists in Skopje 2009, in poetry. In 2010 her essay about the myth of Antigone was distinguished at the European contest “Culture Past, Culture Future” of the British Council. In 2014, her poem “Los Sin Techo” took the first prize in the international poetry contest of Andrés Barbosa Vivas foundation (Bogota). In December of 2016 she published her first poetry collection edited by Dekata publications and Dinos Siotis. In 2021 her second poetry collection “Ydroussa Ofioussa” was published in Greek by Kedros Publications. In 2022 she participated in the International Literary Festival of Tinos from 28th to 30th of July as a poet.