Calliope Velonia was born in Athens. She currently lives in Piraeus where she teaches English, writes and translates.

She has published two fantasy novels «The secret of the prophecy» (Entypois 2017) and the «Holy Hell» (Tri.ena politismou 2024), a collection of short stories «Deadly orgasms» (Tri.ena politismou 2023) and a poetry collection «The communion» (Entypois publications 2021). She has also translated in English the children’s book of Lilly Gati «My name is Twelve» (Entypois publications 2020).

Her short story «My best friend» was distinguished in the contest of Ianos and included in its collective edition in 2023. Some of her poems have been included in poetic collections, «Volatile boundaries» (Entypois publications 2019), «Bold lyrics» (MyStory editions 2020) and in printed literature magazines.

Poems and short stories of hers are often posted on the Net.