Christos Chrissopoulos, born in 1968 in Athens, has published sixteen books in many genres (fiction, essays, chronicle, photography). In 2008, Chrissopoulos received the Academy of Athens Award. In 2015, the French Republic awarded him the title of Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters. He has also received the Balkanika Prize (2015) and the French prizes Prix Laure Bataillon (2013) and Prix Ravachol (2013). Translations of Chrissopoulos’ works have been published, amongst others, in Germany, France, Italy and the USA. He is a member of the Greek writers association and the European Cultural Parliament (ECP). He has founded the Dasein Fest International Literary Festival in Athens and he lectures frequently on literature, theory and politics. Chrissopoulos is also a photographer exhibiting internationally and he is interested in the narrative connections between literature and photography. He has translated Tsvetaeva Ivanovna, Sontag Susan, Thomson Rupert. He lives in Athens.

His work has been translated:

  • The Parthenon Bomber, Other Press, USA, Trans. John Cullen, 2017.
  • Parthenon, Haymon Verlag, Germany, Trans. T. Votsos, 2018.
  • Il Bombarolo del Partenone, Asterios, Italy, Trang. G. Tetntorio, 2018.
  • Au-dela du bleu, Musee d’ Histoire de Nantes, France, Trans. A. Brisac, 2016.
  • Disjunction / Wanderer Cosnsciousness, Signes et Balises, France, Trans. A. Brisac, 2016.
  • Shunyata, Novel, Actes Sud, France, Trans. A. Brisac, forthcoming in 2016.
  • Terre de Colere, Novella, La Contre Allee, France, Trans. A. Brisac, 2015.
  • Une Lampe Entre Les Dents (Flashlight in the mouth), Actes Sud, France, Trans. Brisac,
  • La destruction du Parthenon (The Parthenon bomber), Actes Sud, France, Trans. Brisac, 2012.
  • Monde Clos (Encircled World), Actes Sud, France, 2007, Trans. A. Brisac,

Runner-up for the Jean Monnet prize 2009 and shortlisted for the Literature

Europeenes Award 2009

  • Le Manucure (The Manicurist), Actes Sud, France, 2005, Trans. A. Brisac.
  • Athenes, le sable et la poussiere, Novella, Autrement, France, 2004, Trans. A. Brisac.
  • Maniker (The Manicurist), Skuc, Slovenia, 2005, Trans. M. Jovanovic.
  • Shunyata (Shunyata), Kalligram, Hungary, 2004, Trans. Melinda Kuthy.


He is a member of the Greek writers association and the European Cultural Parliament (ECP). Organized the following


Professional awards 

Balkanika Prize (2015)

Prix Laure Bataillon (2013)

Prix Ravachol (2013).

Academy of Athens Award (2008)