Dimitra Didangelou having completed her graduate degree in psychology and postgraduate diploma on Media Psychology, she worked as a journalist for Greek news media organisations (ERT, NEA, etc) and subsequently founded the online magazine Psychografimata and the “Expressing MySelf Institute”.

Having generated thousands of pages of text for both personal and professional benefit, she realised the power of the written word and turned to using it as a tool in her work as a psychologist, through therapeutic writing and bibliotherapy. The quote that most closely describes Dimitra is Margaret Atwood’s famous “a word after a word after a word is power”.

Her stories are based on true events, as she believes that life transcends all imagination.

For the last few years she has been residing in Pelion and working online globally.

Her TEDx talk can be viewed here.


  • A thank you for every day. Gratitude Journal. Kastaniotis, 2021 (Athens)
  • Gratitude. Kastaniotis, 2020 (Athens)
  • Wabi Sabi (the imperfection). Short Stories Collection, Iolkos, 2017 (Athens)
  • Syvi and Daddy. Novella, Gavrielides, 2013 (Athens)
  • Grow 2., Dioptra, 2021 (Athens)
  • Conversations with people of ’21., 25 Grammata, 2021 (Athens)
  • ’21. Collective Volume, Cultural Centre of Ioannina, 2020 (Ioannina)
  • The Time Collection. Collective Volume, Paraksenes Meres, 2014 (Rethymnon) (publishing after distinction in international writing contest)
  • Under a Shade. Collective Volume, Ekdoseis ton Synadelfon, 2015 (Athens)
  • Media, Information and Communication in the Digital Age: Psychological, Cultural and Philosophical Approaches. Collective Volume, Oasis, forthcoming (Athens)

Short stories published in literature magazines & webpages. Distinctions in literature competitions.