Dimitris Fileles was born in Athens, studied Social Science and Paedagogics, and served as primary school teacher for 35 years. He is a poet and prosaist.

Up to date, he has published three personal poetry works by Apopeira editions and two Anthologies of Greek short stories; the former about Easter and the latter about the Greek Revolution of 1821 (written by famous classic Greek authors and transferred to modern Greek language) by iWrite-Pigi editions.

He has participated in many printed collective writing works and poetic diaries. A large number of his poems and short stories have been posted in various sites and a lot of his poems have been set to music by music composers. He has published three digital books for kids, free on the web.

He has participated in many group and personal photo exhibitions. He has published two photo albums; on modern Greek sculpture by Real Press (printed) and on ancient Greek sculpture by App Store (digital). He has published numerous articles in newspapers and magazines. He cooperates with the literary site e-musa.gr.

He posts his works and reads Greek literature for the handicapped through his personal blog  dimitrisfileles.blogspot.com