Dimitris J. Bruhos  is a modern Greek poet, lyricist, author, composer and Communication consultant (CAM Dipl.in P.R.), (I.A.A. Adv. Dipl.). He was born and grow up in Thessaloniki, completed 45years (1977-2022), in Greek literature, issued   25 poetry collections of  his own, written also libreta for operas, oratoria, kantatae, rhapsodies, odes and hymns ,in many of them composed the relevant music. Many important Greek composers used his lyrics in their compositions, some of this performed by famous Greek singers. He was awarded  in Thessaloniki Greek Song Festival (Contest) (2nd price 1994, 3rd price 1997)  and was a member of organization committee in the same Festival (Contest) (1991, 2005). He has written the lyrics for the songs of awarded greek tv-serial “Ta paedia tis Niovis – Niovis children” (Author: Tasos Athanasiadis – Director: Κostas Koutsomytis – Music composer: Mimis Plessas).  He was production manager in the “Theatro tis Anixis-Spring Theater” in Athens – Metaxourgeio (2000-2010). He is working as an independent  Communication consultant (P.R. for NPO), production manager in greek discography and as art director in cultural events in Greece and overseas. For his intellectual offer awarded with superior medals. He is a full member of the National Society of  Greek Literary Writers and of Thessaloniki Authors Society.