Dimitris K. Baltas was born in Athens on 15 October 1999 and lives in Athens. He studied classical literature at the University of Athens, from which he graduated in 2021 with grade “Excellent” and then continued his studies at the same University. He has attended numerous training seminars, educational workshops and scientific conferences, including the seminar entitled “Editing and Proofreading of Text” of the University of Athens and the corresponding seminar of Patakis Publications. His poems have been included in printed poetry anthologies and published in print and online literary journals and websites. He has published the poetry collections “The Beginning” (Ocelotos Publications, 2019), “Melodies of Oblivion” (Apostaktirio Publications, 2021), “The Name of Love” (Apostaktirio Publications, 2022), “Descriptions of the Unfulfilled” (Kaktos Publications, 2022).