My passion for literature has been driving both my academic and my professional careers. Having graduated with Honors from the Department of Philology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Specialization in Modern Greek and European literature) and having completed a postgraduate specialization in Comparative Literature and Art in 2017, I have recently completed my second master’s degree in Cultural Management and Communication at Panteion University.

Meanwhile, I pursued various volunteer and professional positions in the fields of literary and creative education both in Greece and the UK. The interdisciplinary and intercultural character of my pedagogical experience was reinforced by my steady presence at the Thessaloniki Film Festival and the Anthropino journal, a postgraduate students’ initiative in Thessaloniki about literature and film where I served as a founding editor. In addition, my capacities were enhanced through long-term seminars in creative writing, literary translation and cultural theory. In Athens I had the chance to work at a small business bookstore, Pleiades, where I became familiar with contemporary publications. Moreover, after working for different art and theatre festivals in the Greek capital, I gained invaluable experience as a freelance copy editor for Polis Publications. Lastly, my current position as a community manager in a coworking space has brought me in touch with support and mobility schemes for creative workers, writers and translators among others, and network/community building initiatives.

Literary Activities

Founding editor of Anthropino journal, participation in a 50-hour seminar on Creative Writing and Education (Aristotle University), a 3-month seminar on European Culture by theorist and writer Thanasis Triaridis, a 30-hour seminar in Literary Translation (French Institute) and many conferences on literature and poetry as a speaker.

Freedom of Speech Activities

The scope of Anthropino journal was to offer the ability to young academics to express themselves and co-create a platform of free critical expression. I was also a founding member of a self-education group in Thessaloniki, called “Sphinx”, which organized a variety of literary and cultural activities.

Main Publications

1. Kandilapti G., Lantzou A., Manoukas D.Kandilapti G., Lantzou A., Manoukas D. (2013), «(2013), «ΚωσταντίνοςΚωσταντίνος ΧατζόπουλοςΧατζόπουλος, , ΦθινόπωροΦθινόπωρο, , ΣτονΣτον ΟρίζονταΟρίζοντα μιαςμιας ΝεωτερικήςΝεωτερικής ΓραφήςΓραφής» » (“(“Konstantinos Chatzopoulos, Fthinoporo, Konstantinos Chatzopoulos, Fthinoporo, a modernist narrative horizon”)a modernist narrative horizon”), in the web journal poeticanet. , in the web journal poeticanet. (link: (link:–fthinopwrofthinopwro–aa–1358.html1358.html ))
2. Man
2. Manoukas D. oukas D. (2013) «(2013) «ΗΗ Sarah Kane Sarah Kane ωςως καθρέφτηςκαθρέφτης τηςτης εποχήςεποχής» » (“(“Sarah Kane as a mirror of Sarah Kane as a mirror of an era”), an era”), in the literary journal in the literary journal ΠοιητικήΠοιητική–Poiitiki, issue 12, AutumnPoiitiki, issue 12, Autumn–Winter, Athens, Greece,Winter, Athens, Greece, p. p. 184184–217.217.
3. Manoukas D.
3. Manoukas D. (2013) «(2013) «ΑπόΑπό τηντην ουτοπίαουτοπία στηστη δυστοπίαδυστοπία» » (“(“From utopia to dystopia”), From utopia to dystopia”), in in ENEKEN magazine, issue 30, OctoberENEKEN magazine, issue 30, October–NovemberNovember–December, Thessaloniki, Greece, p. 70December, Thessaloniki, Greece, p. 70–89.89.
4. Katsiveli
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5. Katsiveli
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6. Manoukas D.
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7. Manoukas D.
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8. Koukoura Eleftheria, Manoukas D
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