Dimitris P. Kraniotis was born in 1966 in Larissa Prefecture in central Greece and he originates from Stomio (Larissa) where he grew up. He studied Medicine at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He lives and works as internal medicine specialist physician in Larissa.

He has published nine poetry books in Greece and abroad: “Traces” [Ίχνη] (Greek, 1985), “Clay Faces” [Πήλινα πρόσωπα] (Greek, 1992), “Fictitious Line” [Νοητή γραμμή] (Greek, English & French, Greece 2005), “Dunes” [Dunes-Dune] (French & Romanian, Romania 2007), “Endogram” [Ενδόγραμμα] (Greek, Malliaris Paedia Publications, Greece 2010), “Edda” [Edda] (French & Romanian, Romania 2010), “Illusions” [Iluzione] (Albanian, Romania 2010), “Leaves vowels” [Foglie vocali] (Italian, Pluriversum Edizioni, Italy 2017) and “Tie of public decency” [Γραβάτα δημοσίας αιδούς] (Greek, Kedros Publishers, Greece 2018). Also he is the Editor-in-Chief of the international anthology in English “World Poetry 2011” (205 poets from 65 countries).

His poems have been translated into 25 languages (English, French, Polish, Czech, Spanish, Turkish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Italian, Albanian, Arabic, Serbian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, German, Slovak, Persian, Bengali, Vietnamese, Gujarati, Kazakh and Slavic Macedonian) and published in several countries around the World.

He was invited and he has participated in several International Poetry Festivals around the World. In 2011 the 22nd World Congress of Poets by United Poets Laureate International was organized under his presidency in Larissa and he founded and organized the 1st Mediterranean Poetry Festival in Larissa.

He is member of several literary organizations (National Society of Greek Literary Writers, Hellenic Literary Society, Hellenic Society of Writing Physicians, World Poetry Movement, World Poets Society, United Poets Laureate International, Poetas del Mundo, etc.). Also he is Doctor of Literature (Litt.D.) by World Academy of Arts and Culture, Academician in Italy (Academy Tiberina of Rome, Academy of Sicily and International Academy of Micenei), President Emeritus of the World Congress of Poets, President οf World Poets Society (WPS), Director of Mediterranean Poetry Festival (Larissa, Greece), Ambassador to Greece of “Poets of the World” (Poetas del Mundo), Vice-President of Thessaly Association of Letters and Arts, former member of the Editorial Board of the Greek literary magazine “Graphi” and former Editorial Director of the Greek medical magazine “Hippocrates”.

He is the editor of the poetry e-magazine “Poetics @ GR” (Τετράδιο Ποίησης): http://greekpoetics.blogspot.com and his official website is http://www.dimitriskraniotis.com/