Dina Sarakinou was born in Athens, Greece. Her family originates from Corfu. She studied Bioinformatics in Great Britain. In 2003 she returned to Greece and worked in managerial positions in multinational companies. Since 2011, she is a business strategy consultant for innovative businesses and startups. She has experience in B2B, B2C, Internet, Social Media, and Advertising. She supports businesses to start, grow, expand and get funding. She founded the online literary magazine Literature.gr in September 2013. Her short stories are published in printed and electronic journals.

Literary Activities 

Organising Literature.gr awards ‘’Phrase of the Year Prize’ 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 https://www.literature.gr/literature-gr-prize/

Organised One – Day Conference on Promoting Greek Literature Abroad https://www.literature.gr/symperasmata-apo-tin-imerida-to-paron-kai-to-mellon-tis-ellinikis-logotechnias-sto-exoteriko-8-3-2019/

Presented the Semi Day Conference of Filanagnosia ‘’ Joy of Reading’’ https://www.literature.gr/imerida-filanagnosia-stin-praxi-lesches-anagnosis-afigisis-kai-ergastiria-dimioyrgikis-grafis/