Natassa Thanou, Donna Amaryllis the literary name, was born in Evia, on a cold day of January, with the first awakening of the sun, the sunlier and the tweet of birds, since then the sun when it comes out, illuminates, her heart and floods it, with energy and creation. When the sun goes out, her heart blackens and then the stars come… After the Lyceum in IEK, he obtains the diploma: of Preschool Education of Creativity and Expression Activities.

It continues with academic education in the field of pedagogy in Kapodistrian: Preschool education and education: Experiential learning and modern methods of education and care, supplement of Europass Certificate, as well as in Philosophy…

He obtains the Certificate of Archives of Literature from the International Academy of Art: INTERNATIONAL ART ACADEMY.

Her writings are crowned with awards in Literature.

Participations in encyclopedia books and newspapers with poetry, fairytale, short story..