E. I. Janos was born in 1962 in Athens.

Books: A young year, (drama), Athens 11990; Ambush, (novellas), Mandragoras, Athens 2008; Hilt, (stories), Hiridanos, Athens 2011; Extermination, (novella), Hiridanos, Athens 2017; The placement of the fuse, (stories), Hiridanos, Athens 2020; Gerasimos Vocos. His life and his oeuvre. His bibliography (1886-2020), Paraskinio, Athens 2021.

Collective books: «Tasos Livaditis’ location surrounded by water. The city», to Written Records of the 24th University of Patras Poetry Symposium, Peri Technon, Patra 2005; «About Nikos Orphanides», to About Nikos Orphanides. Tribute. Reading views about his writing work, Epia, Athens 2020.

Ebooks: In Evmolpidon street, (story), Arxigramma, Athens 2012; Gadgetry,

(stories), Saita, Kavala 2012; Essays (2004-2017), Athens 2019, (1st posting: 24grammata.com, collection: «en keno»); A young year, (drama), Athens 22019, (1st posting: ebooks4greeks.gr).

Gadgetry, Ambush, Hilt and Extermination constitute tetralogy: The random.

At the Hellenic Open University he has devised Postgraduate Thesis on: The Bible and the witness of the Orthodox Church in the Fotis Kontoglou’s writing work, (2018-2019); is posted at https://apothesis.eap.gr.

Forthcoming edition: «Vespers in Gerasimos Lykhardopoulos’ poetry and his essays. Coherences and presumptions of a reading».