She has been trained as a linguist and worked abroad in academia for nearly 10 years. As a historical linguist, She is particularly fascinated by how Greek language changes over time and space.

She has extensive translation experience from Modern Greek to English and vice versa. She won the 1st prize for poetry translation from Greek to English in the annual translation competition run in 2020 by AALITRA (The Australian Association for Literary Translation). The award was granted for the translation of the poem “Prophecy without Oracle” by Stylianos Harkianakis, a distinguished academic and the former Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Church in Australia.

She would also call herself, very modestly, a writer in the making. She does not have much to show for it though, other than the 1st prize for prose in Greek in the literary competition run by Greek-Australian Cultural League (GACL 2019). The awarded short story is published in the periodical Antipodes. Even though she writes extensively, mainly prose, she has not published anything yet. She is particularly interested in teaching Creative Writing in the long run, in which she has a rich, solid background and extensive experience.