He was born in Athens. Writer, poet, translator, scriptwriter, playwriter and film and theatre director. He has studied sociology, political science, music and film direction in Greece and abroad. He has participated several post-graduate seminars, courses and workshops on political communication, international relationships and theatre. He has started writing in his very early years. One of his first poems has been published at the age of 11, in a collective volume of the magazine Anti.

He has staged many plays (in National Theatre, Municipal Regional Theaters and in private theatre companies). He has directed short films, documentaries and a tv series. His work in theatre and cinema has participated and has been awarded in Greece and abroad.

He has written many scripts for cinema, documentaries and television. He is the author of two theatre plays and songs lyrics. He has translated ancient Greek drama, classic repertoire   (Shakespeare, Marlowe, Moliere) and modern drama. Also poetry and cultural essays.

For many years he has teached screenwriting, direction, acting and aesthetics of the image in several workshops and public institutes for professional studies. He has been director of the Municipal & Regional Theatre of Rhodes, of the Municipal Theatre of Keratsini (Piraeus) and co-founder and director of the theatre company School of Night and theatre Space.

He is a member of the Greek Directors Guilt (also member of the board for 4 years), member of the ITI Greece, member of the European Directors Forum, and founding member of the International Union for the University Theatre. Has been elected as Greek representative at FERA (European Federation of Audiovisual Directors, 1999 -2002).

 Books published

“Art for the people and art for the elite”, translation of a Bulgarian study by pr. Bogomil Rainof, in collective volume “mass culture of the imperialism”, 1985 (ran out of stock).  “Orestes”, translation of the Euripides’ tragedy, 1996 (ran out). “Letters to a Woman”, poetry, 1st ed. Thraca 2019 (ran out), 2nd ed. Enypnio 2020. «#System Failure», short story, in collective vol. “The world of yesterday the world of tomorrow”, trilingual edition – Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, ed. Κastaniotis 2020,. Three Haikus, in coolective vol. The Haikus of the Spring, ed. Anemologio 2021.

“Marikes”, novel, ed. Estia publications, 2021. “Salutes”, poetry, ed. Enypnio 2022. “Farewells”, poetry, ed. Enypnio 2022. He has been translated in Spanish, English, Portuguese, Catalan and Bulgarian language.