He was born in 1971. He studied History-Archaeology and Journalism. He has a master’s degree in Philology. He worked as a journalist for a daily newspaper in Cyprus. He is now a teacher in a High School. Many of his short stories were published in literary magazines and anthologies in Cyprus, Greece and abroad. He published two fiction books for children: The Scarecrow (2000 self-published, and Patakis, Athens 2018) and The river (Patakis, Athens 2020). He also published four novels for adults: Like a Sparrow, you swiftly passed away (self-published, 2003, published in Bulgaria), An axe in your Hands (Anef, 2007, National Prize for Literature in Cyprus-published in Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania), The diary of an infidelity (Psichogios, 2012, European Union Prize for Literature, published in 11 European countries), Hatred is half the revenge (Psichogios, 2015, published in Poland, Albania, Serbia).