Coordinator of Athens Culture Net of the Municipality of Athens (64 cultural organizations and 47 affiliate members), promoting collaborations, synergies, networking  as well as art, literature and culture. Project Manager of Athens World Book Capital 2018 (UNESCO). Speechwriter of the mayor of Athens G. Kaminis (2013- 2019) and cultural advisor to the same mayor. Working as journalist, producer and broadcaster from 1989 (BBC External Services, Mega Channel TV, Greek state radio, newspapers, magazines specializing especially in books and culture. Translator mainly of English Literature (Beckett ‘s Proses, H. Mantel’s, Bring up the Bodies and the Assassination of Margaret Thatcher, T. Rachman , The Imperfectionists,  and others. Graduate of Classics at the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki. Post Graduate of the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, and King’s College of London with a thesis on the mythological cycle of Meleagre on both lyric poetry of Greek Antiquity and vases of the Archaic period.

Member of OSDEL for the protection of copyright,  Member of the Hellenic Union of Journalists (ESIEA)



Freedom of Speech Activities

Working for the Athens  World Book Capital 2018 one of our main goals was inclusion and networking with every social group ( refugees, unemployed, people leaving in less privileged neighborhoods of Athens, homeless). Working as coordinator of Athens Culture Net we are working with groups in different areas of Athens, stimulating their creativity and make it possible for them to express their deepest needs and desires openly and with no restriction.  

Also as a journalist, I have worked as a foreign correspondent (1989- 1999) covering the fall of the communist regime in Eastern Europe and Soviet Union, and after afterwards the rise on Neo – Nazism in Germany.

Main Translations

Beckett ‘s Proses, H. Mantel’s, Bring up the Bodies and the Assassination of Margaret Thatcher, T. Rachman , The Imperfectionists,

Professional awards

2013 Reward for the Translation of British Literature from the Union of Foreign Institutions in Greece ( British Council, Hellenic American Union, Institute Francaise, Cervates