Evangelia Alivizatou was born and lives in Kefalonia. She worked in the Health field and at the same time attended specialized seminars on social media and event organization. Studying at a carpet design school gave her the opportunity to love our cultural heritage. She loves poetry and creative writing in general, while she is active in social networks, with a constant presence in poetry events and intensive article writing in physical and electronic media, which does not go unnoticed.

She is a permanent contributor and columnist to the popular expatriate website anamniseis.net in New York and at the same time she is a permanent editor of the informative website Kefaloniastatus.gr. Interesting posts by her are often found on the information sites eKefalonia.gr, KalavrytaPress.gr and inKefalonia.gr, while the Literary Magazine of the Association “Thryallida” and the Magazine of Fractalart.gr regularly host her pen. She is a member of the P.O.E. while maintaining the personal blog alivizatou-creative-writing.blogspot.com, with  intense interactivity. Her Poetry Collection “Dream Trap” is published by “APOSTAKTIRIO” Publications and she has novels and poetry collections in the making for future publications.