Evangelia (Litsa) Alivizatou was born in 1971 and comes from Lixouri, Kefalonia. In the beautiful years of adolescence, she loved literature and poetry, more than textbooks. For a number of years she worked in the field of health while at the same time as a restless spirit, she attended many professional training seminars, in relation to the organization of cultural events and electronic media, while the knowledge she acquired from studying at a school of tapestry design revealed to her the value of our cultural heritage. She returns to her island, where she devotes herself to her great love, literary writing and poetry. She is currently completing her second book “The Corals of the Ionian”, while editing the edition of her first novel “The Sign of the Sun”. The poetry collection “chords touches” will be published soon.
She is distinguished by her presence in literary social networks, with special references to social issues. From August 2022, we can also find her work online, on her personal blog alivizatou-creative-writing.blogspot.com, with intense interactivity.

She is currently writing articles for America, specifically in New York for anamniseis.net, also for the literary magazine Thryallidas, for gynaikaeimai.com and for fractalart.gr.