George Papakonstantinou is a young Cypriot author at 32 years old. His work – both in writing and in cultural interventions – takes on current socio-political issues, while always maintaining a hopeful romanticist perspective, with particular emphasis on the importance of education and development of a local culture of written expressionism. 

He has published 3 books, two of which are in the Greek-Cypriot dialect and one in Modern Greek. The second book titled “Incomplete” has been translated into English, Spanish and Turkish and will soon be published.Publications:“Καρδκιά μου μίλα σιγανά… ” [EN ∼ My heart, speak softly…]  – available online at Read Library (
“Ημιτελές.”  2021 [EN ∼ Incomplete] available at Parga Bookstores ( and online at Read Library (
“Ηλιοβούττημα” 2022 [EN ∼ Sunset] – available at Parga Bookstores (