George Skourtis was born in Athens in 1980. He studied Philosophy at Kapodistrian University of Athens, History of Art at University of Fine Arts of Athens and Poetry in the National Book Center (EKEBI). He has been teaching “Creating writing” in numerous workshops (Prints, Way of life) and he has published two personal poetry books (Σκέψεις (Thoughts), Είναι προς θάνατον (Being towards death). His poems have been included in various poetry magazines and Anthologies (αμφικτιονία, κοράλλι ect) and he has been awarded in many contests (ΠΕΛ, ΧΟΝ, Πειραϊκός σύνδεσμος, ΕλΒΕ, ect). He is an active member of PEN Greece and he lives and works in Athens, Greece.