He was born in Armatoliko, Trikala, in 1963 and graduated from the Dramatic School of the National Conservatory of Athens. Along with participating in the theatre in many performances, both classical and contemporary repertoire,  he was a vital member of the theatre group “Helix Action Theatre,” which specializes in theatre in outdoor public spaces (Street theatre).

He was  initially active in the publishing field as an employee in a publishing company and then  he founded “Evroekdotiki Institouto Istorikon & Politistikon Meleton” (“Europublishing Institute of Historical and Cultural Studies.”) The evolution of his publishing presence, which started in 1990, is the establishment and management of the new publishing firm “Otan” in 2019.

From his youth, he developed active trade union activity, which initially included the Association of Dramatic Schools and cultural clubs;  he has served as President of the Greek Association of Book Publishers for many years.