Katerina Malakate is a writer, blogger, radio presenter and co-owner of the indie bookshop-café Booktalks. Her first novel “Kaneis den thelei na pethanei” (“Nobody wants to die”) was published in 2013, her second “To Shedio” (“The plan”) in 2016, her third novel will be published in 2020. She founded Diavazontas, a blog about books, literature and writing in 2009. She is an avid reader and has posted more than one thousand book reviews since then- on her blog, but also on other sites and literature magazines. The homonymous facebook group has more than 27.000 members. She hosted a radio show  on amagi radio about literature for more than four years, and interviewed more than a hundred writers, publishers, editors, translators, readers during that time. She co-founded Booktalks in 2013 with fellow blogger Aghis Athanasiadis (Librofilo). Booktalks hosts book presentations, readings etc at least once a week and boasts three different bookclubs – Katerina Malakate coordinates one of them. She’s active on social media raising awareness about freedom of speech, women’s rights, autism, diabetes, and other political issues.   

Main Publications

 “Kaneis den thelei na pethanei”, (Nobody wants to die), novel, 2013

“To Shedio”, (The plan), novel 2016

 Professional awards 

 “To Shedio”, novel, was nominated for the new authors “Klepsydra” award in 2016.

“Blog post” won 3rd place in “Artspot” literary contest in 2011 and was included in the short stories collection “Istories diadiktyou”

“Oneiro sto prasino kima” was awarded 3rd place in Patakis’ contest and was included in the “Hotel Papadiamantis” collection in 2012.

“Mnimi” was awarded 6th place in Metaixmio’s contest and was included in the collection “7 words” in 2014.