She was born in Athens and lives in Marathon. Her first poetry collection PROZE THOUGHTS WITHOUT (P)OETRY was published, by APARSIS publications.

Poems and prose of hers are included in the New Philological First Year 2020 /2021 /2022/2023, in the collection CONTEMPORARY GREEK POETS published by PAPPAS and in the collected publications CONVERSING WITH ARTHUR RIMBAUD, CONVERSING WITH KATERINA GOGOU, OSTRIA publications, CONVERSING WITH SAPFO, Lychnos publications, CONVERSING WITH NAZIM HIKMET, DROMON publications. Her texts are included in : TELL US A STORY published by DROMON, ENCLOSED LIFE published by POLITISTIKES APOPEIRES and THE SHORT STORIES OF ENCLISEMENT published by Aparsis, TECHNO COINCIDENTS published by Ostria.

She has written the play DON’T FORGET AND I DON’T LOOK LIKE YOU, which was awarded by the Union of Greek Playwrights (2012)