Kostas Logaras was born in Patras (1950). He has written poetry, prose, essay, theater. The novel Ta Poulia Me to Mavro Kolaro (The Birds with the Black Collar) (2017) was honoured with «The Athens Prize for Literature», and was nominated for the Award of Prose of  Periodiko «Klepsidra», Hourglass magazine (short list) and for the Public Award in the category Greek Novel (within ten predominant). The novel Erimia sto Vlema tous (Desolation in their gaze) (2008) joined the short list of the State Novel Award. His libretto Spitia tis mnimis, spitia tis siopis (Houses of memory, houses of silence) has been directed and scored by Thanos Mikroutsikos  (1988). His play  The Teleftaia Maska – Fallimento , Last Mask -Fallimento was staged by Theodoros Terzopoulos and the theatrical team Attis (2006). He collaborated as a columnist with the newspapers «Ta Nea», «To Vima» and «Peloponnisos», with the magazine «Diavazo», with the electronic magazine «O Anagnostis», with «protagon.gr» etc. He is a member of the Hellenic Authors’ Society. Work of his has been translated into English, French and German.