Lilia Tsouva studied Medieval and Modern Greek Philology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She holds a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from the Hellenic Open University. She writes essays, poems and short stories. Her short story Η Καταδίκη (The Condemnation) won an award at the 1st Panhellenic Competition “To Coralli”. Her poem Τιν τάνδε λατάσσω, Λέαγρε (This drop is for you, Leagros) won the UNESCO competition [Our world in the theory of time (past, present, future)]. She has also received an award for her poem At the computer at the 1st Panhellenic Poetry Competition “To Coralli”.


Published books

Lilia Tsouva, Ο εξπρεσιονισμός στην ποίηση του Κώστα Ριζάκη, Οκτώ προσδόκιμες θεάσεις (The expressionism in Kostas Rizakis’ poetry, Eight expected views), Koukkida Publications, 2020.

Lilia Tsouva, Το τραγούδι των Ινουίτ (The song of Inuit), short stories, Vakxikon Publications, 2021.


Participation in collective projects:

26 Award-winning Short Stories, Coralli, 2019

Anthology of HD World Competition, 2019

What if the buildings could talk (texts by the postgraduate students of the MA programme in Creative Writing, Kedros publications, 2019.

Veins of writing, (Chloe Koutsoumbeli’s writing workshop), Rome publications [editor], 2019