Magda Papadimitriou was born in Athens in November 1963. She worked for O.T.E (Greek Telecommunications Services). She began experimenting with literature during her high school years. She apprenticed to the great poet, politician and ambassador to Unesco Yiannis Koutsocheras. Her articles have been published in local printed and electronic newspapers with cultural topics at Pieria district. She is currently co-working with the electronic newsy website e-pieria and is a correspondent of Bookia in Pieria and Tinos. She has been awarded for her work in several sectors. She is married and has got two children.

Member of the World Union of Poets.

Charter member of the Authors Association of PAIERIA.

Coordinating member of Estias Pierides Muses (south Pieria)





1.<<Without identity>> Poetry 1988

2.<<Irridescenes>> Poetry 1990 Gavosti publications

3.<<Io>> Poetry 1992 Gavosti publications

4.<<Love’s journey from M Olympus to the Aegean waves>>Poetry 2009 Olympus publications

5.<<Soul mirror>> 2011 Anemos publications

6.<<Life in sea drops>>2014 Enastron publications

7.<<In the red of the sky >>2017 Pnoi publications

8.<< Reflections >> Poetry collection with the visual glance of Panagiotis Ftara. 2019 Self-publishing

9.<<Foreign homeland>> Novel 2021 Aparsis publications

Several of her poems have been translated in the cultural printed magazine “ Paessaggi Dell’ Anima “. Edizioni Universum

Collective- Literary editions, statements and narrations in Pieria (1918-2010)

Participation with a short story in the edited book “Narrations of Commitment“ and with a poem in “Calendar 2021” Aparsis publications


“The defiant: Panos Meidanis –Old and Adamant” 2015 Biography

Personal website