Mina Papanikolaou was born in 1969 in Pieria. She lives in Katerini and works at the Katerini’s General Hospital as Deputy Director of the Administrative Service.
She is married and the mother of two children. In 1991 she graduated from T.E.I. of Athens from the Department of Health and Welfare Units Administration. She successfully completed her first master’s degree in Health Services Administration of the E.A.P. in 2005. In 2008 she graduated from Panteion University with a degree in Public Administration and in 2011
She completed her studies at the University of Macedonia in the Master’s program of the Department of Educational & Social Policy, majoring in Continuing Education. She also studied at Panteion University for one year at the field of Positive PSychology.
Her researches presented at conferences in Greece. She is an Adult Educator in the field of Management.
She is a permanent member of the Union of Greek Writers of Northern Greece, a Founding Member of the Writers’ Union of Pieria, a permanent member of the Greek Cypriot Greek Cultural Club, a member of the Panhellenic Writers’ Union.
She is a self-taught painter and has taken part in group exhibitions.
She loves to travel and photograph people and nature, looking for their intangible essence.
1) Poetry collection “DANCE IN THE LIGHT” – LEXITYPON publications – 2010
2) Poetry collection “MOON REFLECTIONS” – publications LEXITYPON- 2011
3) Poetry collection “18th GEOMETRICAL PARALLEL”, ed. VOCABULARY 2012
4) Poetry collection “EVENING MEETING” with his poems N.P. KARYDI”. LEXITYPON publications, Athens, 2012
5) GALLERY OF MYTHS, poetry for children, private edition, Katerin 2014 6) Poetry collection “ONE ETERNITY LATER”, LEXITYPON publications 2014
7) Poetry collection “SNAPSHOTS OF THE ABYSS”, ANEMOS EKDTOTIKI, Athens 2021
-2nd Poetry Prize of the 2nd EPOK World Competition 2010 with the theme: “for Cyprus I sing, I don’t forget and I fight” 2010.
-2nd Poetry Prize of the 3rd EPOK 2011 World Competition with the theme: “The weather will come my queen Famagusta”.
-Excellence of poetry from the collection DANCE TO THE LIGHT by EPOK
– 1st prize for poetic composition of the collection SELINIS ANTIKATOPTRISMOI, EPOK 2012.
– 2nd poetry prize of the 8th Literary Competition of the Nature Worship Association of Patras, 2012.
-3rd poetry prize LYRIC PAMBOTIS-Ioannina, 2012. -Poetry Diploma of the Union of Writers of Northern Greece 2013.
-1st book prize for the period 2010-2011 of the MOON MIRRORS collection, of the SIKELIANA competition
-1st free verse poetry prize SIKELIANA 2011.
-Honorary Diploma of the Union of Writers of Northern Greece, 2013
-EXCELLENCE of EPOK 2014, in the collection EVENING MEETING with the poems of N. P. KARYDIS
-1st EPOK free verse poetry prize, 2014 – 3rd Prize of the 8th World Poetry Competition of Amphictyonia Hellenism, Thessaloniki, 2019.
– PRAISE of the EPOK for the project “AMMOCHOSTOS VASILEVOUSA” and in recognition of the contribution to the promotion of the values of Greek literature, Athens 2020.
-Book of the year for the collection “SNAPSHOTS OF THE ABYSS, EPOK, 2021.