N.G. Lykomitros was born in Athens in 1977. He studied English Language and Literature at the University of Athens where he also received an M.A. in Translation-Translation Theory. In 2010 he published the collection of poems Ιχνηλάτες του Τέλους (“Trackers of the End”, Gavrielides Editions), which was released the following year in a bilingual edition (Spanish-Greek) under the title Rastreadores del Fin (Ediciones Idea), translated by the poet Mario Domínguez Parra. In May 2011, he published a selection of poems entitled Θροΐσματα Θανάτου (“Death Rustles”) in the context of the monthly digital publication Λογοτεχνικά Σημειώματα (“Literary Notes”, Issue 9), which was curated by the poet Thodoris Vorias. In 2012, he published the play Dead End: Μητροπολιτικό ψυχόδραμα σε τρεις πράξεις (“Dead End: Metropolitan Psychodrama in Three Acts”, Vakxikon Publications). He wrote the column Ποιήματα και Χίμαιρες (“Poems and Chimeras”) at the Chimeres fanzine (Issues 22-28, 2012-2014), while he is the administrator of the blog Ο ήχος της απώλειας (https://the-sound-of-loss.blogspot.com/). In April 2024, he published his second collection of poems entitled Ο ήχος της απώλειας (“The Sound of Loss”, Vakxikon Publications).