Nikos-Trypias  Alexandrou is an active Lawyer in Athens and his descent is from Ikaria, Athens and Asia Minor. He is an alumnus of Athens College, a Greek-American school. Studies: Law school, Political science (Athens), Constitutional Law, Cinema and Television techniques (Paris). He took creative writing classes (two years) from the top writer Alexis Stamatis. Among other activities, in his  spare time he deals with creative writing (novels, poetry, lyrics), with reading (mainly novels and poetry) and with cinema, being an ardent cinephile since childhood. Hence, in his novel Gloria (editions “Elkistis”,2021) there are numerous cinematic references which only ardent cinephiles can recognize, though this is not at all an issue for its easy reading. He served as chairman of the city council of Nea Philadelphia and city councilor. He wrote a historical album with the title Nikos Trypias – Mayor of Nea Philadelphia 1951-1965 – President of the union of municipalities and communities of Attiki (1965) which was also published in the local newspaper Anagennissi. He has translated into greek the novel of William Morris News from nowhere (editions “Eleutheros Tipos”, 1989) and the book of Haralampos Baraklis Sayings of ancient Greeks, from ancient to modern greek.