I was born in June 1990 in Athens, where I still live. I have studied economics and journalism in Greece and I’m a postgraduate student with MSc in Public Policy and Management. I’m an eternal lover of theater, cinema and book world. Hence, I love to write book reviews about my favorite and recent books releases that I continually read, while I’m a prolific author with many publications and articles regarding the theater and politics in various Greek sites and blogs. Through my articles I always try to advocate the right of freedom of expression, especially regarding the articulation of political opinions and ideas as well as to follow the current affairs and to highlight the injustices of government.

What I admire most is the magical world of filmmakers, writers and actors that they can create through their art, the production of characters in front of my eyes during a theatrical play, as well as the intimacy and warmth of the stage.

Until now, I have written two books, “Seven Years on the Anvil” (2018) and “Deception of Democracy” (2017).

I write in daily basis articles regarding the current social and political affairs and also articles in which I freely express my personal view about the political situation in both international and national level, as well as book and film reviews throughout several years until now for various sites and blogs, such as Katiousa, OnlyTheater, Literature and so forth.

Until now, I have written two books, “Seven Years on the Anvil” (2018) and “Deception of Democracy” (2017).

In May of 2019, I was one of the public speakers and book reviewer for the famous writer, Semina Digeni during her book presentation “The yellow submarine” at the Cultural Centre in Petroupolis. As well as, I have taken participation in various literature walks with well-known writers and authors with the intention to explore new cultural and historical hubs in city.

Also, when I was working at Public company in the Book PR section, I had an active role through the organization of the famous Greek Public Book Awards.