Paschalis Prantzios was born in Anavra, Karditsa in 1971. He studied Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and works as a teacher of philosophy in secondary education. He continued his postgraduate studies in Theatre with specialization in the Survival of Ancient Drama at the University of Nicosia and in the process he attended the postgraduate programme in Creative Writing of the EAP. He is the author of the novels: “And Always with Red Lips” ( Oceanida, 2006), “Talking about Winds and Cats” ( Oceanida, 2009), “Melted Pencil” ( Oceanida, 2012), “The City Has a Day Off” ( Oceanida, 2014), “It’s three again…” ( Oceanida, 2016), “Thirty-six Hours of Rain” ( Kleidarithmos, 2019), “Third Class Wagon” (Pigi, 2022).