Pavlina Marvin was born in Athens in 1987 but grew up in Hermoupolis of Syros. She studied Ηistory at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She is writing her PhD thesis on Greek national book policy. She was a co-publisher and co-editor of Teflon poetry magazine (2008-2011). She studied poetry in the biennial workshop of the Takis Sinopoulos Foundation (2007-2009). Her first book, “Histories from all around my world” was published by Kichli Publishing (2017) and was awarded by the Hellenic Authors Association with the prize «Yannis Varveris». As a writer and performer, she has been invited to participate in a range of interdisciplinary arts projects and festivals, in Greece and abroad. Part of her work has been translated in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Bengali and Serbo-Croatian.

Literary Activities 

“80 years ago – 80 years from now”, performance, Vanessa Kisuule & Pavlina Marvin, British  Council 2019

 Playing with Homer’s “Odyssey” (2h experimental workshop for children 8-12 years, Embassy of Greece in Beijing, August 2019)

 “Verge” – Poets’ Agora annual event. Yiannis Doukas, Pavlina Marvin, Alicia Stallings (Poets Agora, Athens 2019)

 Bio-mechanical poetry festival (Chalkida, July 2018)

 International Video Poetry Festival (Empros Theater, Athens, December 2018)

 Entefktirio Literary Festival (Thessaloniki, December 2018)

 Poetry on Stage (University of Brighton, April 2019)

Freedom of Speech Activities

– Performance «Prostibulo Poetico» (Embros Theater, February 2013)

– Performance «Greek women poets during the 20th century» (Thervantes Institute, March 2013, Festival «Grito de Mujer»)

– “H άνθρωπος / Ι anthropos” (Gender and Literature, Performance Festival, Thessaloniki International Book Fair, May 2019)

– Imagine all the people (writing groups and presentations with young migrants and refugees, Pavlina Marvin & Eleni Soukouroglou, Thessaloniki International Book Fair, May 2019)

– Turn off the lighthouses for Ivan Ismailovic (videopoems, produced by Tria Kitra & Antigone Davaki, performed in several stages and festivals, 2018-2019)

– The poetic body experience (5h workshop, based on Physical Theatre, Poetry, Meditation: Diving into playfulness, freedom and awareness. Spiti Yoga, Athens 2019)

-Talking about Ithacas – C.P.Cavafy between Greece and China (Pavlina Marvin & Que Jianrong, Bookworm Bookshop, Beijing, August 2019)

Main Translations 

English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Bengali and Serbo-Croatian

Austerity Measures: The New Greek Poetry (ed. by Karen Van Dyck, Penguin 2016)

Kleine Tiere zum Schlachten (ed. by Adrian Kasnitz, Parassitenpresse 2017)


2018 “Yannis Varveris” prize by Hellenic Authors Association

2017- Al -Azhar’s University Award for Young Greek Authors