Popi Aroniada was born in Limeri, Evrytania. She studied accounting for livelihood, attended psychology classes for three years. From a young age she wrote poetry and prose. She worked for many years in the media until she retired early for health reasons.

For the last fifteen years, she has participated in literary magazines and poetry anthologies in Greece and abroad. She has published six collections of poetry, of which the bilingual “Scars” translated by Katerina Angelaki Rook and a novel. The collection “Roke” was translated and published in Polish by Aris Hatzinikolaou. Also part of the poems of this poetry collection, is the last translation work of Katerina Angelaki Rook’s poetry collection two months before her death and was published only in English under the title Castling by the “Society of (de) kata”.

She has received distinctions and awards in national and international poetry competitions, such as “Nosside” 2014 in Calabria, Italy, The Nikos Chadzinikolau Poetry Prize in Poznan, Poland in 2021 and the Mediterranean Poetry in Rome in 2021. Italian, Polish, Ukrainian and Romanian.