He was born in Poland in 1957 and he still lives there. He graduated Polish philology at the University of Wrocław (1980). A poet, prosaist, literary critic, playwright, screenwriter and an author of radio broadcasts and radio plays, who in the past has been related to the Polish Radio in Wrocław. He made his debut in 1977. He published an anthology of poems: Let’s not hide this madness (Nie ukrywajmy tego szaleństwa) (1983), A limited choice (Ograniczony wybór) (1984), A chronic journey (Podróż chroniczna) (1997, a poem about Georg Trakl Last moments, last glimmers (Ostatnie chwile, ostatnie błyski) (1998), Dust (Pył) (2020), Touch (Dotknięcie) (2020), The tower of winds (Wieża wiatrów) (2021) and an essay A tiny book about poetry (Książeczka o poezji) (1997). He is also an author of a theatre act about Edith Stein titled A way in the darkness (Droga w ciemności) (1992 – radio premiere, 1997 – theatre premiere) and a collection of short stories Mr. World (Pan Świat) (1997).

Poems, reviews, sketches and essays have been printed in numerous literary magazines in Poland and abroad. He is a part of a Polish Writers’ Association (Stowarzyszenie Pisarzy Polskich). A laureate of the 1s degree Stanisław Wyspiański prize in the field of literature (1988) and the prize of the Foundation of Culture (1994).  A co-creator of an International Forum of Acoustic Arts pro arte Acustica MCROPHON (1991,1994) as well as an artistic Radio Copernicus (2005), honorably awarded during the world festival of multimedia arts Ars Electronica (2006).