Xanthi Hondrou-Hill has studied German and English Literature, Linguistics, Journalism and Public Relations Management in Germany. She has worked as Public Relations Manager at the Greek Consulate in Stuttgart, as teacher for German, Greek and English and is translating poetry from and to all three languages. She is an award winning Greek poetess who gained international recognition. She is writing poetry since high school and her poems have been published in many international prestigious media and anthologies around the world. She has won in 2022 the first prize at the Gandhian Global Harmony Association and many awards in China, Ukraine, Phillipines and Equador. She is cultural Ambassador for NAMASTE magazine in India and editor for poetry columns at www.faretra.info in Greece and HUMANITY in Russia, co-editor for the international poetry magazine in China. Selections of her poetry have been translated into Arabic, Chinese,  French, German, Greek, Italian, Portugiese, Russian, Spanish, Slavic as well as in two Languages of India: Hindi and Bengali.