“Why PEN GREECE now?” event during the 17th Thessaloniki International Book Fair [Sunday 29.11.2020 & Time 10.00]

Online Event during the 17th Thessaloniki International Book Fair for the establishment of PEN GREECE

PEN INTERNATIONAL is an international network of authors and people of the book, founded in 1921 in London, to promote literature, collaboration between authors and literatures of the countries as well as to defend the freedom of speech of the creators of speech. At the international conference, which took place, digitally, recently in London titled “100 years of celebrating literature and protecting freedom of expression” and a specific topic (Freedom of Expression in the Time of Pandemic), was voted by its members and by a large majority, the proposed creation of PEN GREECE.

PEN GREECE is addressed to everyone and will be open to everyone. The term “author” embraces novelists, poets, journalists, academics, publishers, bloggers, biographers, translators, in short, refers to those involved in written or oral speech, and it is this biodiversity that can be achieved through this global union.

Specifically, the founding team of PEN GREECE consists of the following (alphabetically):

Costas Akrivos, Fiona Andrikopoulou, Eugenia Vasilakaki, Theodoros Grigoriadis, Stefanos Dandolos, Sara Thylikou, Michalis Kalamaras, Panina Karydi, Argyris Kastaniotis, Zefi Kolia, Panagiotis Kolelis, Elias Maglinis, Katerina Malakate, Dimitris Manoukas, Pavlina Marvin, Erifili Maroniti, Andreas Mitsou, Amanda Michalopoulou, Tessi Baila, Christos Oikonomou, Lina Pantaleon, Eleni Papageorgiou, Kallia Papadaki, Elisavet Papadopoulou, Vassilis Papatheodorou, Tatiana Papamattheou, Manolis Pimplis, Nestoras Poulakos, Anna Routsi, Dina Sarakinou, Danae Sioziou, Alexis Stamatis, Costas Stoforos, Dimitris Sotakis, Klaiti Sotiriadou, Ersi Sotiropoulou, Fotini Tsalikoglou, Makis Tsitas, Katerina Frangou, Thanasis Heimonas, George Chouliaras, Christos Chrysopoulos.

In the event, it will be presented a brief overview of the efforts and initiatives, the goals, the next actions as well as the possibilities of connecting with the international partners of the network for the promotion of Greek literature abroad and the contribution of PEN GREECE in preserving freedom of expression.

DAY: Sunday 29.11.2020 & Time 10.00


  • Kätlin Kaldmaa, General Secretary of PEN Inernational and President of PEN Estonia
  • Christos Economou, author and and member of the interim board of PEN GREECE
  • Εριφύλη Μαρωνίτη, Journalist, coordinator of  Athens Culture Net, member of the interim board of PEN GREECE
  • Δημήτρης Σωτάκης, author, member of the interim board of PEN GREECE

Coordinated by Dina Sarakinou, author, director of Literature.gr, member of the interim administration of PEN GREECE.

You may view the event in the following link: