Sarah Thilykou was born in Thessaloniki, where she studied theology, drama, and music, with further work in Utrecht and Paris. She holds a M.A. and a PhD in theology. She has performed professionally as an actor and singer and is currently teaching in secondary education in Athens. She has published poems, essays, translations and book reviews in literary publications, in Greece and abroad, including Poeticanet ( and Nadwah (Hong Kong) (, of which she is an editor. In 2016 she participated in Life & Freedom for Ashraf Fayadh event in Athens. In 2019 she wrote the poem No More Silence for a poetry memorial to Daphne Caruana Galizia. As a translator in multilingual projects outside the dominant language canon, she has focused on collaborations with the Irish language poet Gabriel Rosenstock, as well as Bina Sarkar Elias (PEN South India) lately:,


Professional Membership

WPM (World Poetry Movement)

Literary Activities 

Book presentations, readings

Freedom of Speech Activities

Life and Freedom for Ashraf Fayadh, International Literature Berlin Festival, Athens 2016


Main Publications (Have you done any research for universities, institutions,that has been cited, papers, etc.)

– Sarah Thilykou, The World in Three Acts, Athens 2017

Sarah Thilykou, Their Name, Athens 2019

            – Gabriel Rosenstock’s, The Floating Universe, Sydney, Effiryl Ebooks 2015

           – Jack Hirschman et. al. (eds.), A World Without Wars, Overthrowing Capitalism, vol.

6, Revolutionary Press Brigade, Kallatumba Press, San Francisco 2019  

          -Gabriel Rosenstock’s, Silver Birches, Japan Universal Poets Association, Kyoto 2019

          -Kon Markogiannis / Gabriel Rosenstock’s, Angelic Flights, The Onslought Press, 2019


– Sarah Thilykou, Some Aspects on Transcedence in Cavafy’s Poetry, paper on Pensee en Dieu a l’ Europe aujourd’ hui, Institut Cathlique, Paris 2005

The Nature and Purpose of the Church, Draft Document, World Council of Churches, Geneva 2005

– Sarah Thilykou,  A Transcedental Cavafy, paper on 1st International Cavafy Summer School. Onassis Foundation, Athens 2017

The Dialectics of Sacrifice in Sophocle’s “Antigone” and in the Homilies “on the Cross and Passion of the Lord” of Eastern Fathers of 4th Century (Ph. D. Thesis Dissertation), Aristotle University of  Thessaloniki 2018  

 Main Translations(if any)

– Sarah Thilykou-Maki Starfield, Duet of Islands, (English – Japanese bilingual edition), Japan Universal Poets Association, Kyoto 2018

            – Sarah Thilykou-Maki Starfield, Dueto das Ilhas, (Portuguese edition), Japan

              Universal Poets Association, Kyoto 2019 [forthcoming]